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As per the rules of bar council of india. we are not permitted to solicite work and advertise. there has been no advertisement, personal communication, solicitation, inviation and inducement of an sort what so ever from us or any of our members to solicite any work through this website.


In 'Online Services' we also provide the services of registration of license for security firm of private security agencies. In online services we will preparation and filing application, notifying acceptance of the application and remove objections thereto by the authorities.


  1. Full name and addresses of the applicant:
  2. Nationality of the applicant:
  3. Address, where the applicant desires to start his Agency
  4. Name of the Private Security Agency:
  5. Name and addresses of Proprietor, Partner, Majority shareholder,
  6. Director and Chairman of the Agency:
  7. facilities and Qualification of staff
  8. Designation of staff
  9. Equipment which will be used for Security services :
      1. Door Framed Metal Detector (DFMD)
      2. Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD)
      3. Mine detector
      4. Others Detectors
        a.Wireless Telephones
        b. Alarm Devices
        c. Armoured Vehicles
        d. Arms

    1. The particulars of the uniform including colour in case applicant the intends to use any uniform for the Private Security Guards and Supervisors of the Agency
    1.  Does the applicant intend to operate in more than one district? If sothe name of the Districts
    2. Does the applicant intend to operate in the entire state?
    1.  Does the applicant possesses the training facility in its own or will get it on outsourcing basis? The name and address of training facility should be furnished.
    1. Telephone number of the applicant
    2.  Copy of current Income Tax Clearance Certificate
    3. Affidavit as prescribed in section 7, sub-section (2) of the Act
    4. Other documents as may think fit
Service Fee
Completion Time
Licenses for Security Firm
Rs. 4,000.00 
(USD 88.00)
As Estimated
6-7 Days
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