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As per the rules of bar council of india. we are not permitted to solicite work and advertise. there has been no advertisement, personal communication, solicitation, inviation and inducement of an sort what so ever from us or any of our members to solicite any work through this website.


  Hire for Retainership

In 'Online Services' we offer services on the Retainership basis in which we provide adequate and required Legal assistance in the corporate fields
We shall represent our clients on the following terms:

During the retainer, we have authority to act for and on behalf of clients in connection with such matters and to conduct such matters in all respects. Except where clients have specifically instructed otherwise, we may act on behalf the clients and bind the client in all necessary and related legal forms and procedures within reason and we will be expected to take all steps reasonably necessary to further and protect client’s interests.

Fees and Payment
As indicated at out meeting, we require payment to us of a deposit of Rs. 20, 000/- pm (exclusive taxes, if any) on account of legal fees and disbursements. This deposit will be placed in our trust account which does not bear interest. We are authorized to transfer from the deposit money any amounts owing to us on account of our fees and disbursements. Upon delivery of our account, a further deposit may be required to replenish the deposit from time to time.
Clients will be billed for disbursements and fees. Fees are based on factors such as the difficulty and importance of the matter; special circumstances such as urgency; whether special skill or service is required and provided; the value of the subject matter; the results obtained; and on the time and effort involved.
Under the Solicitors Act, bills for fees and disbursements remaining unpaid more than 30 days after the bill is delivered will bear interest at a prescribed rate as specified on the bill.
To establish the retainer agreement, please contact us at our registered E-Mail address.


Service Fee
Completion Time
Hire for Retainership
Rs. 4,000.00 
(USD 88.00)
As Estimated
6-7 Days
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