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As per the rules of bar council of india. we are not permitted to solicite work and advertise. there has been no advertisement, personal communication, solicitation, inviation and inducement of an sort what so ever from us or any of our members to solicite any work through this website.


  Sales Tax Number / Tax Identification Number (TIN)
In 'Online Services' we also provide Sales Tax Number/TIN. TIN number registration is must for Manufacture/Traders /Exporters/Dealers. It comes to new registration under VAT or Central sales tax will be allotted new TIN as registration number. However, all state commercial tax department of India has stipulation to provide new TIN to existing Manufacture/Traders /Exporters/Dealers to replace their old registration / CST number.


  • Deed of Registered Firm, company etc.
  • PAN Card of Firm
  • Bank Statement of Firm
  • 1st Sale / Purchase Invoice, copy of Lorry Receipts/Good Receipts& payment/collection
  • All identity card of Partners With Pan Card & two photographs
  • Proof of Delhi Office (i.e. Water Bill, House tax Receipt, Registered Sale Deed or G.P.A)
  • N.O.C. from Land Lord related to Delhi Office
  • Letter of Bank Guarantee minimum 1.5 Lac
Service Fee
Completion Time
Salex Tax Number
Rs. 4,000.00 
(USD 88.00)
As Estimated
6-7 Days


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