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  Transfer of Deeds and Agreements
In 'Online Services' we also provide the services of registration of Transfer of Deeds and Agreements. In online services we will preparation and filing application, notifying acceptance of the application and remove objections thereto by the authorities.

Sale Deed Conveyance Deed Agreement to Sell
Power of Attorney Will Deed Relinquishment Deed
Rectification Deed Lease Deed Gift Deed
Perpetual Lease Partition Deed Adoption Deed
Trust Deed Cancellation of Deed Assignment Deed
Release Deed Indemnity Bond
Memorandum of Understanding

Joint Venture Agreementsand Any Agreement which is prescribed by law


  1. ID proof of all the Persons - Voter ID or DL or Passport, AADHAR CARD (if do not
    have then acknowledgement slip would be sufficient.)  
  2. Transfer Deed on stamp paper
  3. NOC from Government Department
  4. Clear Title Search report
  5. Such other information as the association or institution may like to place.
  • We will draft these for you.
  • We will apply and get them for you.
Service Fee
Completion Time
Transfer of deeds and Agreements
Rs. 4,000.00 
(USD 88.00)
As Estimated
6-7 Days


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